by Seattle Fucking Supersonics

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released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Seattle Fucking Supersonics Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Coward's Version of Vanity
I haven't been outside in days
allowing my mind to decay
an image I'd rather not see
is this how I'd rather be?

And it feels like I'm locked up
in a cage without a key
there's no use to escape
I don't want to be free
so I shut my curtains closed
and I lock up all my doors
until I'm out of this cage
but I don't give a fuck anymore

The rising sun calls out my name
asking me now who's to blame
for keeping a shit attitude
look in the mirror it's you
Track Name: Two Weeks
American dream, American scheme
to keep me in debt til I die
I'd rather be dead than swelled in the head
faking my life to get by

The future is bleak, ruined by Wall Street
and dated industrial ways
my resume's in Comic Sans
it's all a joke anyway

It's all a joke anyway
I have completely checked out
Track Name: Atomic Shadow
Your love is like an atom bomb
exploding two thousand feet up
in the air above and all that's left
is my atomic shadow

My flesh stats to incinerate
my blood begins to boil
I just wanna be, wanna be
wanna be left alone
Track Name: Bowl for Bowl
Do you wanna go bowl for bowl with me?
Track Name: I Live in a Hallway
Sometimes I say that I don't wanna get out of bed
and I mean it, I can't beat it
This obsession with isolation
and no matter what I do
to break the darkness in my room
I can't leave it

And I'm making myself sick
giving up and giving in
to the four walls that I have
it's a compromise again
shut myself away
maybe I'm better off this way
just a fucking reclusive weirdo

Take one goddamn good look in the mirror
it's a brick wall that I'm building
and the worst part is believing
that someone would care at all
to climb over such a wall
I don't believe it
Track Name: Shittiness
Forget everything you know about me
my shittiness has taken over
it's everything I don't want you to see
Pothead, liar, thief

So I say poor me, poor me, poor me
Pour me, pour me a drink
or better yet, take your best pipe
smash it on my head
that's what I deserve for not telling
you the truth about what really happens
when my shittiness takes over
Track Name: Apotcalypse
If the world ended in the morning
I think I'd smile cause I
wouldn't have to get up for a while
I'm gonna face the apotcalypse
with a big fat blunt upon the lips
and smile, and smile, and smile

We're not gonna make it if
we're not prepared for it
we gotta get rolling, mine's already lit

Annihilation, devastation, decimation
of the whole wide world yeah!
Apocalyptic prescription not sad to see it all go
Track Name: Trying to Sleep
It's a new day, and I'm yawning
I'm resisting existance
and in this instant
I'm regretting the steps
that I take outta bed
I wanna lie here instead
and practice for death

Cause I am tired of explaining
to myself that all this wasted time
is worth it and that I'll be fine
Cause I won't be fine
so I close my eye

and go to sleep, and go to sleep
no use for waking life, and trying to think
so don't disturb me cause I'm trying to sleep
Track Name: Spring Break
Spring Break, I'm not going home
Spring Break, I'm not going home
I'm going on vacation
I'm going on vacation

Spring Break, I'll spend it alone
Spring Break, alone in my home
I'm on a great vacation
I'm on a great vacation

Spring Break is everyday in my mind
Spring Break is everyday of my life
I need a new direction
But I'm on a great vacation
Track Name: La Malhora
Sixteen, a fire in my loins
Sixteen, I was just a boy
It's October 31st, can I just expect the worst from this?

Sixteen, pale as a ghost
Sixteen, where am I to go?
I saw her in the woods that day, how far can I run away from this?

I think that I'm going crazy, I think that I could be losing my mind
Because when the bad hour struck me, I knew that I had been condemned to die