What You Should Know About Space Heaters

by Seattle Fucking Supersonics

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released August 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Seattle Fucking Supersonics Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: A Coward's Version of Vanity
I havent been outside for days
allowing my mind to decay
An image Id rather not see
Is this how I’d rather be?

I feel like I’m locked up
in a cage without a key
theres no use to escape
I dont want to be free

so i shut my curtains closed
and i lock up all my doors
until im out of this cage
but i dont give a fuck anymore

the rising sun calls out my name
asking me now whos to blame
for keeping a shit attitude
look in the mirror, its you
Track Name: La Malhora
sixteen a fire in my loins
sixteen i am just a boy

its october 31st
can i just expect the worst from this?

sixteen pale as a ghost
sixteen where am i to go

saw her in the woods that day
how far can i run away from this?

I think that im going crazy
i think that i could be losing my mind
cause when the bad hour struck me
i knew that i had been condemned to die

the malhora, the malhora
cause when the bad hour struck me
i knew that i had been condemned to die
Track Name: Question/I'm Fine
question: how are you doing
lie: im doing fine
im not looking for answers
im fine living this lie

existence, meaningless pointless and vague
you mean well, everyone dies in the end

we’re all part of the human race
and that means we’re all the same
when you don’t say what you mean
this is what you say to me:

my lie is i'm living my life
Track Name: Why Even Try
Alienate the whole human race
I think I can I think if I had a chance I'd do fine it's all a matter of time

It's all the same anyway
Day after day
Living assuming the worst intentions
Trusting nobody why even try

Escaping the earth
Escaping these dreams
Escaping the nightmares that humans unleash on this planet it seems so out of reach
Track Name: Apathy
dont give a shit about global warming
dont give a fuck about the whales in the sea
if everybody thought in black and white then
that’d be the end of you and me

you cant move me from my apathy
you can try to
what a waste of preach
Track Name: Two Weeks Notice
american dream, american scheme
to keep me in debt till i die
id rather be dead than swelled in the head
faking my life to get by

the future is bleak, ruined by wall street
and dated industrial ways
my resume’s in comic sans
cause its all a joke anyway

its all a joke anyway
and i have completely checked out